You’re an individual. You have your own taste and style. At JELD-WEN, we think your windows should reflect who you are. And there are endless possibilities for that to be done.
Endless possibilities come with endless decision-making. It can be challenging to know what you want without knowing what’s out there. So we thought we’d get you started.

Here are some window ideas to get your creative muscles flexing. When it comes to JELD-WEN products, the only limit is your imagination.

1. Let light in

custom window design

Image by Somfy

These windows are enchanting, and they bring in natural light. It’s great to have windows that can display your view in a creative way, without overwhelming the scenery.

2. Wake up and smell the nature

Just because you have vaulted ceilings, doesn’t mean you have to go for a small window. If you can dream it, you can do it. These windows contour the structure of the house and pull the whole room together. Don’t you want to wake up to this view?

3.  Open up your dining room

Large window in dining room

Image by DOMAIN.AU

How perfect would Sunday night dinners be? This black-framed window matches the interior design and gives some extra life to this dining room. Big windows are never a bad idea

4. Go green

Don’t be a square. This pentagon-shaped window adds something to this room that a rectangle or square couldn’t. With minimal furniture and luscious plants on either side, this window becomes the main interest piece of the room. It also has a greenhouse vibe, which is never a bad thing.

5. Cozy wonderland

These wall-covering windows match perfectly with the home’s modern décor. Just imagine sitting on the window seat with a book and your morning coffee looking at the snow (or sunshine).

6. Archway to Heaven

Arched windows are a gorgeous way to add a historic feel to your home. With the brick walls, this window balances the room with warmth. The Romans might have been the first to appreciate arches, but they’re definitely not the last.

7. Play with shapes

If you have an unusually shaped house, just go with it! Sometimes going with the flow is a good thing — if you’re talking about the flow of your home. This triangular nook is cozy and fresh, and we bet the view is pretty good, too.

8. Round we go

Circular windows are unique and inviting. They add architectural interest and depth to your home. This window style pays homage to Victorian and Gothic-era structures. The other round accents create a sense of unity in this room. We bet those curved window seats are pretty comfy.

9. Minimal design, maximum payoff

Four large windows of various shapes


This design is so interesting because you get the view of a floor-to-ceiling window with a rare, playful combination of smaller windows. It’s simple, but it adds a lot to the house. Imagine what it looks like from the inside!

10. Panorama

We love this one! There’s so much going on here without being over the top. If you have a great view on two sides of your home, why not do a panoramic-style window? The only trouble with this many windows is that you’ll never want to leave your house again.

11. Kitchen culture

Image by Hampton Design 
Of course you can get creative in the kitchen! This concept is simple but modern. The high-up windows tease a beautiful view of the trees. You’ll want to cook all day!


Feel inspired? If you have a vision for a custom window, JELD-WEN can help bring it to life. To get started, visit your local JELD-WEN dealer. Use our dealer locator tool to find one located in your neck of the woods.