Day 1

Twas the first day of winter, when all through the house, the windows were working to keep the cold out. The glass panes were sparkling, shiny and new, in hopes of creating a magnificent view. This window style is as still as snow, and is often mulled between other windows. Can you guess what it is?

Hint: Though similar in style, a “picture window” it is not, for wide window mullings, this window is sought.

Answer #1: Fixed Window! 

Fixed windows are non-operational viewing windows that feature matching sitelines to operational units. Fixed windows play a key role in creating wide walls of windows, a popular look in contemporary architecture.


Day 2

While sitting there nestled, snug in your favourite seat, the wonders of nature are a well-deserved treat. With authentic wood windows, framing the view, your home becomes an artwork, created by you. This window, as they say, has a horizontal inclination. It’s ideal for improving your room’s ventilation. Can you guess which style it is?


Hint: Ideal for spaces short and wide, imagine a casement window turned on its side.

Answer #2: Awning Window!

Hinged along the top, awning windows swing outward with the crank of a handle. These windows are ideal for small spaces, such as beneath a pair of fixed windows or over a kitchen sink.

Day 3

There’s no better place for a long winter’s nap, than in front of a window with a blanket on your lap. If you’re looking for more fresh-air in a flash, to open this window, just lift up the sash. For a classic appearance and increased airflow, consider this traditional style of window. Can you guess what it is?


Hint: It isn’t exactly “double-hung,” instead of two sashes it features one.

Answer #3: Single Hung!

Single-hung windows are a popular choice for homes with a classic aesthetic. They open by sliding the bottom sash up, which allows for control of incoming ventilation.


Day 4

Your home is a statement of your personality, so why not make your vision a reality? JELD-WEN crafts windows, in all sizes and shapes, whatever you dream up we can create. This window type can be rounded or spherical, you might even call ita holiday miracle! Can you guess which style it is?


Hint: The length from a circle’s edge to its middle, will give you the answer to this riddle.

Answer #4: Radius Window!

JELD-WEN custom windows come in variety of radius (rounded) or geometric (squared) options. These windows can be customized to just about any size and shape to give a home a memorable focal point.


Your local JELD-WEN window dealer would be happy to help you get a custom window of your own. Use our handy dealer locator tool:

Day 5

What better place to get lost in a book, than a pile of cushions in a basement nook. JELD-WEN makes windows that are just the right fit, so you can be comfy wherever you sit.

This window style is useful in spots, beside outdoor spaces where people might walk. Can you guess what it is?


Hint: Think of a way to pitch a ball, and also a burger that’s very small.

Answer #5: Slider Window!

Slider windows feature a horizontally sliding sash. They are helpful for adding ventilation to tight spaces, such as in basements, or rooms adjacent to outdoor living spaces where an outwardly opening window isn’t desired.


Day 6

There’s no finer place for resting your head, than with a view of snowy pines from the comfort of bed. So ask for the window that’s built to perform, and keep your home cozy, comfy and warm.

Equipped with a handle for easy operation, crank 90° for full ventilation. Can you guess what it is?


Hint: There’s a “case” to be made, that this is the most popular window style in the world.

Answer #6: Casement Window!

Casement windows are hinged along the side like a door and open outward with the use of a crank handle. One of the most popular modern window styles of the market, these windows offer the tightest seal of operational windows and a clean, unobstructed glass pane.


Day 7

Look out the window, how can it be, this chair is too close to a snow covered tree. Wouldn’t the homeowner suffer from drafts? Unless they are using some magical glass…

This type of glass is no trick of the imagination; it contains an extra pane, for triple the insulation. Can you guess the type of glass?


Hint: Live in an extreme climate? You may want to give it a “tri.”

Answer #7: Tripane Glass!

Tripane glass is one of JELD-WEN’s most innovative and energy efficient products to date. With three panes of glass separated by argon gas, these windows excel at keeping cold air out and warm air in.


Day 8

Twas our eighth winter window and regretfully the last, we hope you’ve had fun, we sure had a blast! The time has now come, for you to make a wish, which JELD-WEN window will go on your list?

This window combines style and grace, it can even expand the size of your space. Can you guess what it is?


Hint: Down by the _____ (song)

Answer #8: Bay Window!

Bay Windows feature two angled units flanking a large central window. These windows have a grand and luxurious appearance and can increase the liveable space within a room.


Thanks for checking out our 8 Windows of Winter: Holiday Window Wishlist series. We hope you had as much fun reading and guessing as we did making it. From everyone at JELD-WEN: Happy Holidays to all and to all a good night!