Low-E glass helps insulate your home year-round

Yes, energy efficient windows can help save you money on your energy bill. They can also help increase the value of your home.

Imagine it’s a cold winter day. Your furnace is running, and you make a point of reminding others not to leave doors open any longer than what is necessary to enter or exit the home. The reason being, if heat is escaping, your furnace is going to have to work that much harder to keep your home warm. Heating your home costs money, so the more air that escapes, the more you have to pay.

If your home has older windows that lack modern insulating options, like Low-E glass, it can be like throwing money out the window. Even if they are closed tight, your heat is getting out. The same goes for summer, when you are running your air conditioning to keep your home cool. The older your windows, the more expensive it becomes to keep your home comfortable.

New, energy efficient windows come with Low-E glass, which helps keep your home warm in the winter and cold in the summer. During the warmer months, Low-E repels the UV rays that causes excess heat, keeping your home comfortable. When it gets cold out, Low-E absorbs UV rays, keeping your home nice and warm. In this way, they save you on heating and cooling costs and also help maintain a nice comfortable temperature during all seasons.

Remember, the worse shape your old windows are in, the more money new windows will save you. New windows can also boost your curb appeal, enhancing the resale value of your home.

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