We are excited to announce the launch of the My JW App, which features the fun and engaging “What’s your Window Personality” quiz. Answer eight questions about your tastes and preferences to find out your distinct window personality. Are you “comfy casual,” “edgy elegant,” or another style type? Once you find out your window personality, learn which JELD-WEN products are a good fit for you and your home.

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But wait there’s more

The My JW App also features a photo gallery, designed to inspire. In this collection of high-resolution window shots, you will see first-hand how JELD-WEN products can be used to elevate the style and stature of your home. Browse the gallery on your computer, tablet or mobile device and get ideas and inspiration for your own home.

Getting down to business

The first step to any project, whether a renovation, or a full-scale new build, is allowing time to explore each creative angle. Once your inspired vision is in place, you are ready to move on to the planning phase. The Project Manager feature of the My JW App is a handy tool for saving your window choices and overseeing your projects. Sign up for a free account to access these useful features.

Find a Dealer

You’ve discovered your distinct window personality, found some window options you love, and started planning your project. Now it is time to get in touch with a dedicated JELD-WEN representative. JELD-WEN products can be found in various stores and dealerships all over North America. To locate a certified JELD-WEN distributer, use the “Find a Dealer” feature on the My JW App. Punch in your postal code (eg. R2H 2C7) and the tool will show you the closest dealer to your location on a map.

It’s that easy. If you are looking for additional information about JELD-WEN, feel free to visit our website at www.jeld-wen.ca