A wide custom window arrangement letting natural light into a dark room.

Natural light is a source of comfort in the home.

Your windows look great on the exterior of your home, inspiring neighbours and onlookers. What about the influence they have on life within the home? Here are 7 ways windows can enhance your interior. Windows can:

Let in Natural Light

Natural light is a source of health, happiness and comfort within the home. Invite the sun’s warming, revitalizing rays into your living space with tall and wide windows.

Complement the Décor

In the same way that couches, rugs and artwork characterize the inside of your home, windows are also an important part of the décor. When choosing windows, look for a style that will complement and enhance your interior aesthetic.

Create a View

Enjoy the wonders of the great outdoors from the comfort and security of your home. A well-planned view of a woodland, lake or a dazzling cityscape, can make for an exciting interior feature.

Give you Privacy

Is there a room in your home where you are looking for personal privacy as well as natural light? Textured glass on your bathroom or office window can provide the privacy you need without taking windows out of the picture.

Add Visual Appeal

If you are looking to add interesting visual textures or add a distinctive focal point to a room, custom windows are available in just about any shape you can imagine. If you can dream it, we can build it.

Increase Room Comfort

Windows not only improve the look of your home, they can actually make it more comfortable. Energy efficient windows, with the correct Low-E glazing, can help maintain the perfect temperature for each room in your home. Learn more about Comfort Engineering.

A living space with wide-open casement windows letting fresh air in.

Fill your living space with fresh air.

Enjoy Fresh Air

Operating windows open and close at your preference, giving you control over your ventilation. Open your windows a crack and let a crisp breeze traverse your home, or pop one wide open and take a deep breath of fresh air.

Looking to improve the quality of your life from the outside in? Our website features a variety of energy efficient, aesthetically pleasing window options for your world. Go to www.en.jeld-wen.ca and get inspired.