A comfy living room couch placed near a window that reveals a winter outdoor scenery.

Comfort engineering can improve the quality of living within your home. 

Comfort engineering is the process of reviewing the glass options and operative functions for each window in your home in order to maximize home comfort. Regardless of climate, or the direction a window is facing, if you comfort engineer your windows correctly, you should be able to enjoy comfortable, consistent air temperature in any room of your home.

By applying the correct low emissive (Low-E) glass coating to glass, you ensure that excess UV rays and heat, or cool air are entering the home. This means you can position couches, chairs, or other furniture closer to windows without worrying about heat/cold damage to your furniture, or temperate discomfort while occupying the seat by the window. By allowing the ability to position furniture directly adjacent to windows, you open up additional square footage previously used to create a space gap around windows.

This is just another one of the creative ways comfort engineering can improve the quality-of-living within your home.

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