A kitchen bay window creating curb appeal.

Install decorative features in the front of your home

Value Engineering is the process of choosing attractive window and door options for areas of your home most likely to be noticed. By prioritizing the areas on the front of your home’s exterior, such as your entry door system and main-story windows, you add to your home’s curb appeal. The “Value” is created by improving the aesthetic function of your home while reducing the amount of money you would otherwise spend on making the same improvements to the less visible areas of your home.

You can apply Value Engineering when retrofitting or building your home by choosing aesthetically pleasing options such as brickmould, grilles and exciting exterior colours on the front of your home, while using more economical window and door options either in the back or sides of your home or on upper storeys. Decorative glass looks great on the front of your home, but will the back of your home still function without it? Do all of the windows on the upper level of your home need to be fully operable or will a fixed window work in some areas?

Consider each individual window and door, and how you need them to function when deciding on decorative upgrades. With value engineering, you can create the home upgrades you want, without pushing the boundaries of your budget.

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