Can I view the latest JELD-WEN product guides online?

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The short answer: YES!

JELD-WEN takes pride in providing product guides in both traditional and digital formats. This way, whether you want to head down to your local JELD-WEN dealer and flip through a print copy of our latest windows an doors, or feel like hitting the recline handle on your easy chair and looking our products on your tablet or mobile device, the choice is yours.

Our JELD-WEN interactive brochures are also…well, interactive. This means you can click on links, flip to the page of your choice, or enlarge photos or text for easy viewing. Our interactive product guides are optimized to be viewed on tablet, mobile or your home computer. Visit our website to access our brochures online. While you’re at it, don’t forget to check out the MyJW App.

View the latest JELD-WEN product guides online today at

How can I increase my curb appeal on a budget?

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image of a blue bungalow

Make your home stand out with a curb appeal boost.

Increasing the curb appeal of your home is one of the hottest trends of summer. Curb appeal refers to making upgrades or improvements to the front, or “curb” facing area of a home, in order to increase its perceived value. Curb appeal improvements can include everything from adding lawn ornaments to completely overhauling your front windows. Here are some quick, on-budget curb-appeal boosters that you can do while considering larger upgrades.

Paint the Front Door

Red, yellow, neon-green, what’s your favourite bright colour? People are painting their front doors every colour of the rainbow in order to make their home stand out. This is an easy, cost-efficient upgrade that can have big results.

Clean up that Yard

Are out of control shrubs and hedges making your front lawn look like a labyrinth? A little bit of trimming and yard clean-up can drastically improve the appearance of your home. You may also consider hiring professional landscapers to really make your home’s façade shine.

Just Hang it 

It could be a festive wreath, a strand of flowers or a vintage birdcage brimming with greenery. Decorative ornaments may seem tripe, but they can be the icing on your curb appeal cake. Follow these three tips, and you will be well on your way to boosting your home’s curb appeal. If you’re interested in making a more substantial investment, such as installing new windows or a new entry door (huge curb appeal boosters!), visit to learn more.

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What is the difference between Single-Hung and Double-Hung windows?

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Suppose you’ve decided on hung windows for your renovation. These windows are a traditional style, reminiscent of simpler times when pies cooled on windows sills and clothes hung on the line. This traditional window style has recently seen a surge in popularity, as buyers are looking to retrofit character homes. So what exactly is the difference between Single-Hung and Double-Hung? Aesthetically, they are nearly identical., there are some functional differences that are worth noting. Here are some key factors to consider:


Single-Hung windows tend to cost less. However, Double-Hung come with additional features that may be worth paying for, depending on what you require.


Single-Hung windows feature one slidable sash. You can open and close the bottom sash, where the top sash remains stationary. Double-Hung windows feature sliding bottom and top sashes. Depending on where your window is located, it can be difficult to clean the exterior glass of a single-hung window. Where cleaning and maintenance are concerned, Double-Hung windows have some distinct advantages.


Because they have two sliding sashes, instead of one, Double-Hung windows are the superior choice for increased airflow and ventilation. Position the two sashes how you wish to customize your airflow. To summarize, Single-Hung windows have one sliding bottom sash, where Double-Hung have sliding bottom and top sashes. Double-Hung are potentially easier to clean and maintain and are the superior choice for ventilation. However, Single-Hung windows may save you a few bucks. As with all things JELD-WEN, the choice is yours.

Regional Availability:

Double-Hung vinyl windows are currently only available in Ontario, Quebec and Atlantic Canada, as part of the DF vinyl collection. Single-hung vinyl windows are available Canada-wide. Siteline® double-hung wood windows are available in all regions.

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What should I do if I Have a Broken Window?

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Picture of a baseball on a broken window.

It’s baseball season, which means lookout, glass! If your home has a broken window, whether it be the consequence of a fastball that got knocked out of the park, or just wear and tear due to old age, it is best to take care of it before it causes injury or leads to further maintenance and repair concerns.

To avoid injury, we strongly advise against trying to remove or repair the window yourself. It is recommended that you speak to a representative at your local JELD-WEN dealer instead. Depending on the make, age and severity of the damage, they will be able to guide you towards a sensible solution. For advice on how to dispose of broken glass, check out the JELD-WEN blog.

To find a JELD-WEN dealer in your neighbourhood, use our handy dealer locator tool. Punch in your postal code and voila! The tool will indicate the closest certified JELD-WEN dealer to your place of residence and even give you directions on how to get there. It’s really that simple. If you find yourself in this situation and are thinking about taking the window replacement route, you can view our vast catalogue of window styles and features at

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Should I choose GBGs or SDLs for my windows?

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Technical diagram showing SDLs vs GBGs

Traditionally, windows were made up of small pieces of glass separated by wood mullions, creating the familiar checkered pattern that homeowners know-and-love. Today, we have found a way to preserve the character and style of traditional windows while avoiding certain maintenance concerns. Two popular, modern grille options include Grilles Between Glass (GBG) and Simulated Divided Lites (SDL). Which one is right for your window?


GBG are a non-removable feature built within the glass, making them an attractive zero-maintenance option. They create the luxurious appearance of traditional grilles, while offering easy cleaning for both interior and exterior glass surfaces.


 SDL are installed directly on the exterior and interior surfaces of the glass (non-removable), boosting your windows curb appeal potential while re-creating the traditional appearance of a true divided lite. Install an optional shadow bar to complete the authentic look.

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What is a French door?

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A green french door in a living space

A French door adds charm and personality to the home. Commonly thought of as a pair of swinging, glass-panelled doors, a French door refers to any door with glass panels throughout its length. They are commonly positioned in pairs for aesthetic reasons, though sometimes make an elegant addition as a single panel.

JELD-WEN offers a variety of French door glass insert styles, including everything from elegant custom designs to traditional grille patterns. Each glass insert is available in a range of privacy options, from transparent to opaque.

French doors make a classy addition to any bedroom, bathroom or office. They increase the amount of natural light allowed into a room, while adding an eye-catching decorative feature within the home.

To learn more about French doors, speak to your local JELD-WEN dealer. Find a dealer near you.

What are the different parts of a window called?

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There is more to a window than meets the eye.

There is more to a window than what meets the eye.

Whether building, renovating, or just trying to expand your window and door vocabulary, learning the different parts of a window is a useful step. Here is the anatomy of a window:

1. Head – the main horizontal member forming the top of the window frame.

2. Argon Gas – a colourless inert gas that is injected in the airspace of an insulating glass unit to improve energy efficiency

3. Frame – the enclosure in which window sash or door panels are mounted.

4. Simulated Divided Lites (SDL) – small grille bars placed on the exterior and interior of the glass that divide a window into smaller section.

5. Nailing Flange – fin used to secure the window to an opening

6. Sash – a single assembly of stiles and rails into a frame for holding glass

7. Pane – a framed sheet of glass within a window or door

8. Glazing – the act or process of fitting a window with glass

9. Sill – The main horizontal member forming the bottom of the frame of the window.

Technical diagram highlighting the different sections of a window

Reasons to Renovate: Window Edition

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Thinking about renovating your windows? You’ve come to the right place.

JELD-WEN offers endless renovation options to ensure we can meet the vision you have for your home.

Here are some of the most common reasons homeowners decide to renovate their windows:

Performance – Drafts, cracks, air-leaks—whatever you want to call them, they make for an unpleasant environment within the home. Leaky older windows will take a toll on both comfort and your energy budget and should be replaced.

Aesthetics – Whether your windows are performing well or not, you may have an aesthetic vision for your home that requires some big changes. New windows are also an excellent curb appeal booster, sure to cause the neighbourhood to take notice.

Value – Replacing your windows and doors with new, energy efficient models is an excellent way to increase the value of your home. New windows are one of the primary features shoppers in the home market look for.

Have more questions? Your local JELD-WEN dealer is happy to discuss window renovations with you. Find a dealer using our handy dealer locator tool.

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JELD-WEN Canada is a proud sponsor of HGTV’s Home to Win

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home to win

The countdown has begun! On April 24th, 2016, HGTV Canada will launch their new show Home to Win. This original series will feature 20 of HGTV Canada’s biggest stars working together to renovate one 20-room home. Each week newly renovated rooms will be revealed, and in the final episodes, contestants will compete for a chance to win the completed home. Sounds pretty great, right?

To sweeten the deal, JELD-WEN products will be featured in the construction—or reconstruction should we say—of the Home to Win house. So you can guarantee that the windows featured will bring style, expertise and performance to this exciting home renovation project.

Canadian homeowners, this is more than your new favourite TV show. HGTV Canada is looking for three Canadians to compete on the show to win the finished, fully renovated dream home. Visit for details on how to audition to win.

Home to Win’s all-star cast includes Gemini Award-winning host and contractor Bryan Baeumler, as well as his wife Sarah Baeumler, featured on the popular House of Bryan. Also lookout for an exciting cast of contractors, builders, interior decorators and designers, including Scott McGillivray, Mike Holmes, Sarah Richardson, Paul Lafrance, Danielle Bryk and more.

ET Canada’s Sangita Patel will host the show.

Before getting down to work, the Home to Win team will have to find the ideal fixer-upper, so be sure to tune in for the season premiere for an exciting house-hunting episode. Following the premiere, each episode will include fun and exciting challenges, pitting the HGTV Canada’s stars against each other as they tackle jobs around the house.

Be sure to tune in Sunday April 24 at 10PM ET on HGTV Canada. For more info on the show, including the full cast, visit

Looking for some inspiration for your home renovation project? Visit for a wide range of exciting window and door products.


What is a Fixed Window?

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Interior view of living room windows (after replacement), with no fogging, air leaks or seal failure.

There are so many window styles to choose from, sometimes it can get a little bit confusing. First of all, what do we mean by window style? Though people may refer to the colour of your window or the grille pattern as being a part of the window’s “style,” when we say “window style,” we are specifically talking about the type of window. Some examples of window styles include Casement, Awning, Slider and Bay Window. For a helpful blog post on window styles, read our blog.

Today we are focusing on fixed windows. The easiest way to remember what a fixed window is, is to think of the meaning of the word fixed. Most dictionaries define fixed as meaning “fastened securely in position” or something along those lines. Something that is fastened in position isn’t moving, hence the non-operational quality. Fixed windows don’t have a handle, or a crank; they do not open.

However, they are commonly coupled with awning and casement windows, which do open for airflow. Fixed windows feature matching sitelines to operational windows. This means if you have a row of three windows, one casement, one fixed, then a third casement, they have a unified, symmetrical appearance. Use fixed windows in combination with casement or awning windows to give your home a contemporary look or to add extra natural light.

To learn more about window styles go to

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