June 14, 2019

5 Tips for Reducing Your Energy Bill This Summer

Summer can be an expensive time of the year, what with all the fun trips and outings you have planned. Fortunately, staying cool doesn’t have to be on that list…

May 6, 2019

What Are Hung Windows? What’s the Difference Between Single-Hung and Double-Hung?

Hung windows, a classic architectural window style, are a popular choice, and typically found in colonial houses, farmhouses, and other traditional-style homes. In recent years, this traditional window style has…

April 18, 2019

6 Must-Know Tips for Interior and Exterior Spring Cleaning

Although the weather has only begun to let up, it’s never too early to start thinking about spring cleaning and getting your home into tip-top shape. While it can be…

November 16, 2018

The Anatomy of a Window